The transCaspian project is a non-profit entity, which aims to increase and deepen the political, energy and economic cooperation between the Caspian region and Europe.

Goals & Aims:

  • Promote peace and security in the Caspian region.
  • Promote direct investments from Europe into the Caspian energy and non-energy sectors.
  • Promote new energy links between Europe and the Caspian region
  • Promote EU-Caspian political integration
  • Promote Caspian tourism, culture and art in Europe

Our engagement:

  • Discussion platforms & conferences
  • Policy briefs
  • Media work
  • Art and cultural exhibitions

What is the Caspian region?

As defined by our project, the broader Caspian region comprises of countries bound by and in near proximity to the Caspian Sea.

Project leadership:

Borut Grgic is the founder and director of the transCaspian project. Borut previously worked as a policy advisor to the President of Slovenia and the Chairman-in-Office of the OSCE. He has spent the last decade developing and promoting Caspian-Europe energy cooperation.

Contact info: